Sensible Soccer PLUS Em PortuguÍs

This is one of the best Soccer Games ever made, which later evolved to SWOS and still have many people playing it around the entire world, probally is the game most played in PC history. Was created in 1992 by Sensible Software for Amiga and had a convertion to PC which I really loved since the first play.

When I got my first PC in 1994, a 386DX 40mhz with 8mb of RAM and a SB16 (which I bought before the PC itself), I already was playing a lot this game with friends on their PCs since 1993. I really loved this game but only had Clubs and National Teams from Europe, but we was able to edit these teams in the game to create our own teams, what was fantastic on that time...

But after you edit a number of teams, the game starts to abort all the time, so we can't change everything via the normal ways without the game crash. So we only can add few brazilian clubs and few south american national teams to play sometimes among friends, but I want to really play Brazilian Championships, and of course a World Cup with Brasil and teams from everywhere.

Well, I already did that with Match Day II to MSX years before in a smaller volume, but I already did. Here I'll only need more teams, and more information about them like the most important, their uniforms.

I did a mix of editing ingame, hexadecimal editing and bat scripting to have all the teams that I want to play. I did a menu like I did to Match Day II where you choose which type of Championship you want to play, then load the exact teams for that championship selected.

In this game, you can play as any team, but was made to play with Flamengo for Clubs (that's why this MOD is also know as Sensible Soccer Flamengo), and Brasil for National Teams. So you will find them in all championships available, and they are always in the place of the worst team, this means with the same worst data.

This was made to make the game more harder for experienced players like myself. I recommend you edit ingame theses teams adding your own teams upside them, and put them in the place of your team. Then you gonna have harder and unpredicted matches to play in all tournaments available, and make this game really fun, fair & immortal.

Sensible Soccer PLUS (Flamengo)

Just unzip into a folder then the game will be installed. Since is a old and DOS game with use high extended memory, you will not be alble to run under Windows. So you will need DOSBox, a great DOS Emulator, then will play without problems.

Just exect SOC.BAT to run the game then will appear a Menu where you gonna choose which type of Championship you want to play. Just choose the number and hit Enter. Then everything will change automatically to adapt to your choice.

Options Available
1. Campeonato Brasileiro
2. Libertadores da America
3. Copa do Mundo
4. Campeonato Carioca
5. Campeonato (amigos)

The game will start, then a password is asked, type "flamengo" then hit enter. Then the game was loaded, but you will need to LOAD the re-configurated files in the LOAD/SAVE DATA menu option, if you choose LOAD NATIONAL TEAMS will load the most famous teams of the type of Championship you selected. If you select LOAD CLUB TEAMS will load a lot more teams, then is another option to you play bigger Championships.

Both options will always load teams from the option in the first Menu, if you choose Campeonato Brasileiro and select LOAD NATIONAL TEAMS will not load National Teams, but the best and famous Brazilian Clubs to you play the 1st Division of Campeonato Brasileiro.

The last option load the Sensible CUP Teams, our teams of a Brazilian CUP that we organize since 1993 to play this amazing game with friends, which one with his own weird team. All this later become the famous SWOS Brasil.