MW2 Frontlines

Star Wars Frontlines development started in early 2014 and I'm working slowly on it in the short free time I found. Star Wars Frontlines it's an ADD ON to the amazing Galactic Warfare MOD for Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare. Will add several features from Frontlines MOD.

The main idea was create a way to play it in my LAN with my kid, wife and friends, so BOTs was mandatory since there's no fun playing with just few players, another goal was to make the gameplay less repetitive since have a very limited number of maps and gametypes, also adding several dynamic features and gameplay improvements like a full COOP mode.

With that in mind, Star Wars Frontlines was made with several random options that will change completly the map on each round, what will give you a new experience on each time you play giving better life to the gameplay. There's so much new possibilities that will be very hard to play 2 times the same playing 2h a day for several weeks.

Here the features of Star Wars Frontlines:

Star Wars Frontlines Features
. Random Maps (mp_not_a_cave, mp_anchorhead, mp_bestine, mp_jundland, mp_jundland_dusk, mp_cloud_city, mp_tatooine & mp_rebellion)
. Random Gametypes with Random Objectives
. Random Gametypes (Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Headquarters, Domination (Random Flags with option to have 3, 4 or 5 at several locations), Sabotage (Random Targets and Bombs) Search & Destroy (Mix of the Frontlines' Assault gametype with Random Targets) & Capture The Flag : Classic CTF with 3 gameplay options
. Bots to keep the server always active with brand new AI and map routes
. Coop Mode where we can play as a Squad against several enemies with the option to add also few bots to our side
. Intelligent Anti-Camping
. Hardcore Damage Feedback
. Change maps/gametypes without the need to restart the server (keeping the BOTs)
. Killcam only available for Players, not for Bots
. Option to reset a BOT of your own team bashing him
. Bots are smarter than ever before going almost everywhere in the maps and doing every objective
. First Random Map
. Original Bug Fixed : DOM gametype with map mp_anchorhead
. Several improvments in coding/performance

For now you can play a taste what's working right now on the server below. There's no plans yet for a open release. If you are really interested feel free to contact me.

More information at our forums.