W@W Frontlines

W@W Frontlines W@W Frontlines

The W@W Frontlines mod born from an idea to fix the amazing PeZBOT mod which was failing in let us play as many rounds we want without the bots stuck while change rounds and maps. My idea succeed in fixing this mod, but why not do the changes that I always wanted to do into this great game?

So a light version of COD4 Frontlines R3L04D was created with the "brain" features of the mod to give us great and balanced gameplay with some famous features as HER and the Intelligent Server to name a few. Aside all that I removed all fantasy weapons attachments like the "red dot" version and also put all weapons relative to their teams, like was in WWII. So no more Germans going to war with Thompsons or US Marines with MP40 for exemple. The only way to carry outlander's weapons are getting from an enemy killed or with the Overkill perk, so you can use one as a trophy.

Current Release | Downloads
W@W Frontlines 1.2

This mod still in the beginning of development but it's already very stable to let us keep a server online since the first alpha version. Which you are welcome to have a taste and enjoy the new features of the first version released.

W@W Frontlines Features
. HER - Hajas Extreme Realism
. Frontlines Damage Feedback
. Aim to Fire is needed for full damage
. Hajas Spawn Protection
. Intelligent Server (IS)
. Intelligent Anti-Camping
. Spam Messages
. Original Rank System as playing on the original server
. Random Maps
. Random Gametypes
. Frontlines Rotations
. Force Auto-Assign
. Bots from PezBots without freeze when change rounds/maps
. Bots will always fill the server with a number of players you set. More players = Less Bots
. Weapons relative to the Army
. Weapons from CAC will be replaced by relative at your actual Army
. The only way to start a match with an Enemy Weapon is with Overkill Perk
. Default Classes will give you a Random weapon from that type relative to your Army
. Removed all fantasy attachments from the game like "Red Dots" and Silencers.

Since the release of the first version our server it's a lot more populated and everyone like it a lot. Have a try! Just connect to install the mod at your COD World at War!

Fear your Enemy! Enjoy the War!