2012.05.23 | Black Frontlines

F-Day finally arrived in Black Ops! The Epic mod is finally released to Call of Duty Black Ops bringing the most known features from Frontlines, and also some brand new features never done before in the FPS history.

Black Frontlines was released last night on and have 3 servers online in Europe and North and South America waiting for soldiers like you to join the frontlines.

Join Now! Fear your Enemy! Enjoy the War!

2012.05.03 | Black Frontlines

Black Frontlines

After several months of work we are very close to release an amazing version of Black Frontlines, which is the Frontlines version to Call of Duty Black Ops but with the only things that was missing in COD4 Frontlines R3L04D, COOP gameplay and Bots to fill the servers to let you play with few friends or even alone.

With this main idea, Black Frontlines started with some of the most important features which made Frontlines famous, they were ported and improved into Black Frontlines, aside the known Realism and Gameplay Balance was already ported several great features such as Airborne Support with the Airborne Gametype to all maps, the Intelligent Server with all their dreamin' features and Help Mode just to name a few, were also added brand new amazing features like the Airborne Mode to let you play all gametypes with Airborne Support, the COOP Missions to let you play side by side your friends in tuff missions against enemy Bots, and of course an improved AI which will make you doubt if is or not a real player, not only just killing enemies but also completing objectives, saving wounded teamates and really working as a team.

With that and much more Black Frontlines will be released soon to be part of the Frontlines Series, and with great chances to be the most perfect FPS game ever released one day if the engine limits let me do such thing.

These amazing AI Soldiers are playing right now 24/7 waiting for new blood on our 3 servers around the globe:

Just join the server closest to you and have fun! You will love to hate them!

2012.01.08 | W@W Frontlines

World at War Frontlines

Today the first version of W@W Frontlines was released, powered with bots from PeZBOT and bringing the same Hardcore gameplay with intense realism of Frontlines Series.

Have a try in the server above and taste for yourself the taste of World War II. Just connect to install the mod at your COD World at War!